Working with Employment Solicitors in Bournemouth for Tribunal Support

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Legal

Are you thinking about making a claim to an employment tribunal? If so, don’t do it without contacting employment solicitors in Bournemouth first. Thousands of tribunal hearings take place around the country every single day, each for a different reason. Whether the tribunal is commencing as a result of unfair dismissal or abuse in the workplace, the legal professional will gather all facts and evidence to represent their client in the best way possible. When all conversations are handled by someone who is educated and experienced, the chances of you winning a case will increase.

What is a Tribunal?

When a claim or dispute needs to be overseen by a judge and other professionals at law, a tribunal will commence. A court case of this kind will see agencies and government departments work together to provide employees and employers with full access to justice. You will likely be feeling nervous at this time and the best way to overcome nerves is to contact employment solicitors in Bournemouth for representation. Tribunal support could ease pressure and speed up decision making, meaning that you can focus on leading a normal life following the termination of a work contract or discrimination in the workplace.

Types of Claims

There is no point wasting your time searching for employment solicitors in Bournemouth who can provide legal representation if you are not sure what type of claim you have. The claim will affect the amount of money you spend, the time a judge makes coming to a decision, etc. The most common types of claims dealt with by legal professionals include constructive dismissal, age, sex and race discrimination, unfair dismissal, compromise agreements and workplace bullying. A consultation with a legal professional will help you better understand whether or not your claim is worth the cost of hiring a solicitor. Visit website to get more information.

Time Limitations and Compensation

If you are dismissed from work unfairly, you should get in touch with employment solicitors in Bournemouth no later than three months following a contract termination. Why, you ask? Well, after this time, your claim may not be valid and the chances of you being awarded compensation will lower. After gaining legal advice separately, the employer might provide you with something called an “ex gratia” payment but before you accept this payment, speaking with a solicitor is imperative.

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