Avoiding Problems with Heating Oil Suppliers in Cheltenham

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Oil and Gas

Heating oil is an essential purchase if you want to keep the home warm with central heating. There are two main types – kerosene and gas oil. If you buy in bulk, you could save a lot of money. The key to finding heating oil suppliers in Cheltenham that can offer a good deal is to research well, both online and offline. Once you have found a provider in your area with a solid reputation, there are a few things you ought to do to rule out the possibility of a problem.

Getting Written Confirmation

Just like you would get a contract when signing a lease for an apartment or sign forms when buying a new vehicle, it’s imperative that you request a written confirmation from heating oil suppliers in Cheltenham. This confirmation will detail any orders you have made so that in the event that there is an issue with delivery, whether it’s the type of fuel being delivered or the quantity, you can read about the time-scales, rates and other order information. The location of your tank should also be written down and you should be informed about your rights once a contract has been signed.

Payment Negotiation Options

Gas and electricity suppliers price their fuels differently to heating oil suppliers in Cheltenham, because while gas and electricity suppliers will sell for certain periods of time, heating oil suppliers will sell in large quantities. Contact a supplier during summer to save money, because fuels are higher in demand during winter and so will likely cost more. If you’re on a budget, negotiate payment by staying in contact with the provider for updates about changing prices. It is possible to pay in instalments and if you are really struggling to make a payment, it’s worth getting in touch with the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Running An Oil Club

Setting up an oil club is easier than you might think. Members of oil clubs will all have one thing in common – they will want to save money on fuel. You could ask your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to join forces with you and purchase fuel in bulk from leading oil suppliers in Cheltenham. When you consider the fact that fewer road trips will be required to deliver the fuel, this is good news for the environment, too.

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