Benefits and Features of Tempered Glass

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Travel & Vacations

Heat strengthened and tempered glasses are types of toughened glass. The difference between the two types of glasses is the amount of time taken to cool each glass. Tempered glass is four times stronger than ordinary glass. When the two types of glasses are exposed to accelerated heating, tempered glass has a higher surface compression.

Whether you are constructing your home or need to replace your windows, you should consider tempered glass. They come with many other benefits apart from being energy efficient. Some of the benefits include;

Heat resistance – The glass can withstand high temperature so it can protect your home from wildfires, windblown coals and flames. If a wildfire starts or reaches close to your home, make sure you close all the windows and doors before leaving for safety.

Energy efficiency – Homeowners are looking for energy efficient strategies to save them some dollars on energy bills. One of the ways you can achieve energy efficiency in your home is by installing tempered glasses on your windows.

Safety – When accidents happen in a house with a strong impact to affect windows, normal glass breaks into tiny pieces which could be harmful to the occupants of the house at the time of the accidents. As for tempered glass in Farnham, it breaks into tiny round pieces. The pieces are not dangerous to people. If you live in a place with extreme weather conditions, then you should install tempered glass for your windows.

Clean up – It is easy to clean the windows. You can sweep them or vacuum clean the small windows. Your windows can be clean throughout.

The features and benefits of tempered glass in Farnham make them popular in the market. Would you want to enjoy the benefits of theses windows? Our installers from Allways Glazing Works are available to provide the high-quality assistance that you need.

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