Are you the owner of a new puppy? If so, you are probably grinning from ear to ear! Having a pet is beneficial because it offers constant companionship and enables you to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. Whether you are the proud owner of a German Shepherd, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, French Bulldog or Pug puppy, it is your responsibility as the animal’s owner that you visit a local vet for vaccinations in Durham. Essential for good pet health, vaccinations and boosters will keep your pet in top-top condition.

Canine Parvovirus

Around 80 percent of dogs that contract canine parvovirus will die from it. This is why getting vaccinations in Durham completed is vital. Is the infection prevalent in the place you reside with your pet? If so, this is all the more reason to protect your pet from the virus. Symptoms usually arise 7-14 days after canine parvovirus is caught. Cleaning the home with detergent cleaner after your pet makes a mess is an effective way of preventing the virus from spreading through faeces. In the event that your pet has canine parvovirus, take the time to wash all bedding and anything else that might have come into contact with faeces. High temperature, diarrhoea, dehydration and vomiting are a few symptoms.


Warm-blooded animals that contract rabies will deal with swelling of the brain, which is often fatal. The viral infection is very serious and if you visit a vet, he or she will be able to give your pet dog vaccinations in Durham to prevent the infection from spreading. Unless these vaccinations are administered, rabies will attack the central nervous system. Vaccinations are also available for humans who want to gain protection from the disease, which can be detected from symptoms like loss of consciousness, confusion and violent behaviour.

Understanding the Risks

No pet owner wants to see their dog in distress. Although vaccinations in Durham might be slightly uncomfortable for your pooch, he or she will not experience long-term effects, but will be protected from life-threatening diseases. The effectiveness of vaccinations outweighs the risks, which include lumps under the skin, irritability, excessive bleeding at the site of injection, fatigue and signs of disease, despite the vaccine being given. Don’t let the risks prevent you from visiting a vet, because the chances of side effects occurring is minimal.

Ashfield Veterinary Surgery offers vaccinations in Durham, as well as a broad range of services for domestic pets and farm animals.