What are Claims Management Regulators?

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Legal

There is an abundance of soliciting firms centred on injury claims, employment and redundancy, and disrepair of housing. But the question many have is “who regulates the regulators?” It is indeed not too widely known who solicitors from West London to Central must answer to when they do a poor job. For this purpose, there exists one organization: the claims management regulators. For more information on what this organization is and what duties it performs, see below.

About claims management regulators

Claims management regulators are a branch of the ministry of justice. They’re duty is to manage and regulate, as it were, any service that offers aid to people seeking compensation for a variety of different claims. These include, but are not limited to:

* Personal, criminal, and industrial injury

* Mishandled or incorrectly sold financial products

* And disrepair of housing

Claims management regulators seek to protect the rights of consumers, and to make sure every frim under their regulation follows the rules of their authorization. The branch was established in 2007 for this very purpose, as well as to promote healthy competition among claims management companies. While making sure everyone follows the rules set up in the compensation act of 2006.

A claim management regulator isn’t so much contacted as much as they show up to the claims management firms under their watch. Performing claim management services not under the watch of the regulators, or pretending that you have permission when you actually don’t, can result in upwards of 51 weeks of imprisonment. And that’s if they’re lucky, for if they’re convicted via indictment in the British crown court, they can be sentenced to 2 years in prison or an unlimited fine, or both.

Exempt firms

Obviously, claims management regulators only cover this particular niche of law firms, agencies that are exempt include, but are not limited to:

* Any firm regulated by the Financial Services and Markets Act of 200

* Any non-profit organization, like charities

* Any trade union

* The Medical Defence Union

* The Medical Protection Bureau

* Motor insurer Bureau

* And any incidental referrals to lawyers

Any feeling of being slighted by a claims management firm that is under the watchful eye of a regulator can be brought to their attention via an appeal. The regulator will then, if they find that your appeal has a legal leg to stand on, to the court of appeals to have it processed, where the matter then falls into their responsibility. Benson Mazure LLP is a professional legal solicitor for your residential, commercial property, lease and business law in West London, UK.

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