Tips for Packaging Items Before Hiring Help from a Removal Company in West Lothian

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Moving & Transportation

Have you decided to downsize and free up room in the home for new furnishings? Perhaps you are the owner of a business and want to store old stock in preparation for the arrival of new stock? Whatever your reasons for getting help from a removal company in West Lothian, you could save yourself time and hassle if you package goods in advance. The majority of companies will be covered by insurance so that should damages occur, you won’t suffer financially. However, you can reduce the chances of damages by collecting bubble wrap and sturdy boxes to get the following jobs done.


When it comes to transporting furniture to your new residence, a removal company in West Lothian will come in handy. The removal people will be strong enough to lift bulky items. Ready-to-assemble furniture can be taken apart with ease, whereas bookcases, sofas and chairs may be more difficult to take apart. Disassemble what you can, before wrapping in packing material. Remove anything that is inside the furniture to lighten the load. For example, remove books from bookcases, footwear from shoe racks, etc.

Household Goods

Packing household goods requires common sense. To avoid putting your back out, label boxes or put items of a similar weight in boxes of certain sizes. For example, fill small boxes with heavy canned goods and large boxes with light goods. Weigh boxes to ensure large boxes don’t exceed 50 lbs, and refrain from packing the tool box until last minute, as you might need it to disassemble furniture! Your credit cards should be kept on your person in a wallet, and electrical devices such as remote controls should be packed on moving day.


The frames on paintings will keep them somewhat protected, but only to a certain extent. Custom-built wooden crates are a good choice, or you can get artwork ready for the big move by protecting it with cardboard and bubble wrap. Make sure you use acid-free tissue paper, as this will not affect the quality of the painting. Pieces of corrugated cardboard will add a good amount of protection and the more snug the cardboard fits against the artwork, the lower the chances of damage. Masonite board, bubble wrap and large crates are some essential packing materials for large sculptures.

A removal company in West Lothian should offer more than one way of storing possessions. Guardian Removals & Storage Ltd can secure your goods for as long as you want.

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