Removal Company in Edinburgh – How to Spot the Good from the Bad

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Business News & Media

Damaged boxes, injuries on the grounds of your property, an expensive bill – these are just three unfortunate incidents that can arise if you don’t take the time to find a reliable removal company in Edinburgh. Aside from speaking to the customer service department and performing a background check on members of staff working within the removal company, there are a few other things you can do to separate the trustworthy from the untrustworthy. Whether it is a commercial or residential move you are preparing for, distinguish the good from the bad with the following tips.

Written Estimate

Don’t let the lowest price help you make a decision when it comes to working with a removal company in Edinburgh, because although you will want to spend a minimum price, you will also want to receive the highest standard of service. Get written estimates from at least five different companies as a way of figuring out who offers the best market rates. Labour and time are two things that will affect the price, therefore you must be clear about the number of items you want transported, where you want them transported to, etc.

Screen the Movers

Company contact information, safety  information and complaints can all be found on the World Wide Web, making it a good place to start if you want to screen movers in the quickest way possible. A trusted sourced will be the Better Business Bureau, because it alerts you of complaints relating to the companies in your local area. You can also use this website to get honest reviews and advice about a removal company in Edinburgh. Ask for verification of any background checks that have been conducted and consider speaking with the customer service department, too.

Insurance Coverage

Should something get lost or broken during the moving process, the removal company in Edinburgh will be responsible. However, if they are not covered by insurance you could be left with the bill for replacements or repairs. Insurance coverage is absolutely essential and in most cases, companies will offer one of two types of coverage – released value protection and full value protection. Alternatively, choose third party insurance, but select the deductible wisely as the higher the deductible, the more you will need to pay in the event of a problem with the shipment.

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