What To Expect When Hiring Croydon Furniture Removals Services

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Moving & Transportation

Moving for the first time can be difficult if you are not sure of what is involved and what to expect. By hiring one of the best furniture removals services in the Croydon area, you can be assured you will have professional services and a quality moving experience.

To help you to have a sense of what should happen when you contact furniture removals services, here is an overview of the services you will receive from a top company.

Making Contact

After completing your research and choosing three or four furniture removals services based on referrals, online feedback and services offered, it is time to make a call. Whilst this call will be to ask any questions you may have, it is also an ideal time to take a measure of the professionalism and customer service that is provided.

Typically, at this time, the company will offer to schedule a removal surveyor to come to your Croydon home. This allows this highly experienced moving professional to estimate the cost of the removal as well to note any unique needs for the move.

Common issues the surveyor will note, include any large furniture that may need to be taken apart for safe transport, any issues with getting the lorry to the home or possible issues with unloading at the destination. With advanced information, the removal service can develop a plan that streamlines the move and keeps it on schedule.

Confirming Services

Once you obtain a free, no-obligation quote for the move, verify any special services, such as storage or packing. If you are doing your own packing, check to see if the removers will supply materials. Then, compare the quotes, the knowledge and experience of the professionals, and the ability to complete your home move on schedule.

The experts at Arnold and Self Removals can help at every step of the moving process. Our company is built on customer service, and we are here to make your move a breeze.

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