Garage Services in Petersfield – The Benefits of Wheel Alignment and Balancing

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Motor Vehicles

If you are the owner of a vehicle, you will have probably heard about tracking, breaking, balancing or wheel alignment services. These terms all refer to a similar process – adjusting the wheel angles to ensure the car moves in a straight line. Set to the specifications of the car maker, the angles will vary and will usually be achieved with the use of alignment equipment, like camera units and LEDs. There are many reasons why you may need to pay for these garage services in Petersfield, from hitting a kerb to driving over uneven terrain. No matter how the wheels became unaligned in the first place, be sure to contact a professional to reap the following rewards.

Better Fuel Consumption

Are you aware of the impact wheel alignment has on fuel efficiency? Unless the wheels are aligned properly, one side of the vehicle will be faced with more pressure than the other. This means that the engine will need to function harder in order to maintain a consistent speed. The harder it functions the more fuel it requires, meaning your tank will get emptier quicker unless these garage services in Petersfield are performed by a professional.

Improved Handling and Safer Driving

The mechanical friction of the tyres is affected if they are not balanced properly, and this may cause the vehicle to skid or slide when turning corners. Handling will be more rigid and stiff when wheel alignment garage services in Petersfield are completed. Afterwards, you won’t experience pulling, drifting or any other handling problems associated with suspension alignment. The comfort of the driver and passenger will be enhanced with correct wheel alignment, too.

Reduced Tyre Wear

Hitting a kerb, driving through a pothole or having a collision can cause the wheels to become misaligned. You will notice this because the car will likely vibrate or pull to one side. With balancing and wheel alignment services, the wheels will be facing the same direction that the car is moving in, meaning that the tyre will face an even amount of wear and tear. Usually, 3D imaging equipment will be used by the mechanic to ensure that premature tyre wear does not become an issue. When all four tyres are aligned, the vehicle will be safer and much more fuel efficient.

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