The many different types of windows

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

There are a number of different windows that can be found installed in a house, they include casement windows, sliding windows, double hung, bay, picture and jalousie are some of the more common windows in Edinburgh. Other windows that can be found are awning, sash and Victorian. Each window style is unique in its design and is intended for different parts of the home. As an example, a bay window or a picture window allow for a great deal of light to enter the room hence they are often the choice for the sitting room or living room.

Awning windows are a perfect example of how a window can do double duty. These windows are designed to be situated quite high on the wall; they give plenty of light and air circulation but because of the installed position they also give privacy; this is one reason why they are very popular in bedrooms. Awning windows are not designed to open full, for this feature people tend to favour casement windows which open full and allow for maximum fresh air in the room. As casement windows are opened either inward or towards the outside of the home it is important to plan the fixing location as they do tend to consume space which is not the case with sliding windows.

Double hung windows in Edinburgh are quite unique in their design as they can be opened either from the top pane pulling down or the bottom pane lifting up. These windows are ideal for installation in children rooms, when the top pane is opened there is plenty of ventilation but they ensure the safety of the child as they cannot crawl out through the upper pane. Double hung windows are often found in kitchens and bathrooms for the same reasons; security and ventilation.

Where space is at a premium the choice is usually a sliding or gliding window. These windows are usually two or four panes, the panes glide over one another on double tracks, either to the left or right.

Bay windows have been in use for many years and are often found on both new homes and older homes built in the Victorian style. They feature large panes of glass and as they just out from the house, they allow a wide angled view and are ideal for use in rooms that face a feature such as the ocean or rolling farm land.

With the variety of windows in Edinburgh that are available it can be difficult to pick the right window for the right position in the home. Windows Advice Centre will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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