Hiring a Gas Engineer in Milton Keynes for Home Improvements

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Taking the time to update and maintain appliances in the home could increase property value, as well as save you money and enhance all-round comfort. With assistance from a gas engineer in Milton Keynes, you can easily make home improvements, lower energy bills and increase the lifespan of boilers, furnaces and other heating systems.

So long as the gas engineer in Milton Keynes has the right qualifications and licenses to perform the specific task, you can rely on him/her to service, repair and install gas-operated appliances in the home. Skilled in electrical training, gas inspections and plumbing training, someone in this industry should be able to assist with the home improvement process by providing the following basic services.

Plumbing and Heating

Thermostats, programmers, pumps, valves – all of these things, and more, can be dealt with by a gas engineer in Milton Keynes. Plumbing and heating are two of the most in-demand services and include a broad spectrum of jobs, from tank and cylinder installation, to immersion heater repair. Other plumbing and heating services provided by a professional will include combination boiler servicing, leaking tap repair, power flushing, and drain and toilet unblocking. The professional should also be able to provide a selection of eco-friendly products.

Boiler Repairs/Installations

It’s not just your bank balance that could be in jeopardy if you don’t get regular boiler servicing from a gas engineer in Milton Keynes but also, your health! Should you neglect your boiler, it may not operate as efficiently, which will cause it to leak harmful emissions. Carbon Monoxide (CO) kills over 50 people in the UK annually. A silent killer, leakages can be dealt with quickly when a professional performs a repair. The installation of a new boiler may be a better option if the device is not a high-efficiency one.

Bathroom Installations

Whether you want a new shower fitted, the toilet replaced or underfloor heating installed in the bathroom, you can rely on a gas engineer in Milton Keynes to get the job done. Specialists in this industry will work with the best brands to ensure everything installed in your bathroom is of the highest quality. Examples of the things they can assist with include tiling, fixture fitting, flooring, lighting, en-suites, showers, standalone and built-in baths, and wet rooms, among many other services.

Since 2006, customers have been calling on the team at A Plus Building & Maintenance whenever they require assistance from a qualified gas engineer in Milton Keynes.

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