Tips for fire protection

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Business & Industrial, Securities

There are many excellent tips and free advice available on the general topic of fire protection but perhaps the best tip of all is to constantly practice fire prevention. The best protection that is available against fire is preventing a fire from starting in the first place. The best fire protection should be augmented by smoke detectors, fire alarm systems and a fire extinguisher in Gatwick located in an appropriate area. Although everyone hopes that there will never be a fire in their home or office it is also a good idea to develop a plan of escape just in case a fire does break out.

Many fires are preventable so practising fire prevention is a must. Simple examples abound; never leave a candle burning unattended, don’t overload domestic power circuits, don’t allow piles of debris to collect in the area where your furnace is located and stay alert when you’re in the kitchen cooking. As children have little or no idea of what harm can be done with matches or a lighter, never leave these items laying around where kids can lay their hands on them. Teach children from an early age to never play with them.

Although prevention is extremely important, things do happen so having smoke detectors installed in your home is an important aspect of fire protection. These devices can detect the slightest trace of smoke and make the occupants of the home aware that there is a problem and they should leave the home and call the fire services. A fire alarm system is one step better because it also detects heat and a further advantage of a complete fire alarm system is that they notify a remote monitoring station who in turn can alert the fire brigade ensuring that no time is wasted.

A fire extinguisher in Gatwick should be part of every home, business and even car. These devices should be located close to where there is a possibility of fire no matter how remote that possibility is. Examples of where to locate fire extinguishers are in the kitchen; near the clothes dryer or in the workshop or garage. Fire extinguishers are ideal if the fire is still small and have not yet had time to spread but remember, fire extinguishers need routine maintenance to ensure they are ready when needed and never try to extinguish a large fire with one.

Fire extinguishers for all different flammable materials including petroleum products, electrical fires and normal combustibles are available from Sapphire Security.

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