Common Questions about Skip Hires

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Construction and Maintenance

Waste materials are a big challenge for the home especially when you do not know where or how to dispose the waste or in situations where the waste piles up frequent times. Unfortunately, the waste can make any place look dirt, filthy, lead to bad odour and can attract insects to the place you have kept the waste. There is nothing good about waste so there is no reason why you should keep the waste around.

Many home and office projects such as renovations or clearing the garden produce waste. Remember you can always contact a skip hire in Didcot to dispose your waste for you. Some people who have not used skip hire services before normally have some questions about skip hire such as;

* How much do skip hire companies charge? – It depends with the size of skip bin that you rent. If you hire a large bin, it will cost you more and vice versa.

* Do skip hire companies accept all kinds of wastes? – No they do not: they do not accept hazardous material and electrical wastes. Most companies will tell you in advance but if they do not, ask them whether they have any limitations in the kind of wastes that they accept.

* Where is the skip bin placed? – It is placed on your drive way or outside your property along the street. If you wish to place it outside your property, you need to get a licence from your local authorities.

* What if I do not feel confident of hauling the bin? – Skip hire in Didcot can provide a driver at an extra fee for you.

Skip hire is the most convenient method to dispose of your waste. Why not call Hazell and Jefferies Ltd today for skip hire services? They are reliable professionals and they have skips of all sizes at an affordable price.

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