The Advantages of Stairlifts

by | Nov 19, 2014 | Healthcare

A stairlift is also known as a chairlift and can be likened to an in home escalator. It assists the elderly and or disabled to get from their first floor to the higher floors in their home without much effort. Stairlifts have been helping individuals get up and down their stairs since the 1930’s. They present many advantages for the people who need them. When contemplating whether to purchase stairlifts in Barnstaple or not, consider the following advantages of having one for yourself or your loved one.

Home Saver (Relocation Prevention)

Now what does having a stairlift have to do with saving a home? Plenty! As you or your loved one ages the chances of making it up to the second floor in your home may become increasingly slim. This can possibly lead to you or your loved one being forced to relocate from your once lovely and comfortable home into an alternative dwelling. Alternate dwellings are nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or possibly a 1-story home. Moving will certainly cost time, money, and will be quite emotional as you or your loved one is forced to part with their home of many years. Having a stairlift on hand can save you lots of time and money by allowing you to remain in the home you have created memories in and always loved.

Money Saver (Fall Prevention)

Falls are the leading cause of non-fatal elderly injuries. As a result, falls for the elderly imposes great amounts of financial strain. Lengthy hospitalizations or rehabilitation stays contribute to the huge financial impact of falls on the elderly population. Stairlifts are known to assist in the prevention of falls due to its ability to carry you or your loved one up the stairs without having to exert any energy.

Life Saver (Safety Precaution)

Falls for the elderly are a matter of life and death, as falls are the leading cause of fatal elderly injuries. In hindsight, there are many who would agree that installing an apparatus like a stairlift could have possibly kept a loved one alive for a bit longer. Those people would say that the investment into a stairlift would be well worth it. Since hindsight is 20/20, making the choice to prevent a home relocation, prevent unnecessary falls on the stairs, and an untimely death makes the stairlift the way to go.

Contact a local company to find the best stairlift for your needs and to get more information on the advantages.

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