If you have a home that has stairs leading up to it or inside the house, and you are experiencing some mobility challenges, you may find your life becoming increasingly restricted. Some people start to plan their days so that they need to navigate the stairs as seldom as possible, while others begin arranging to leave their homes. With a stairlift, this should never again be a problem. While stairs are a huge barrier to the aged or physically disabled, a motorized chair to move safely and securely up and down a staircase means that you will be able to move around with ease.

Choosing a stairlift

There are many different models to choose from, but all operate with a chair on a system of rails. For those in a wheelchair, the chair can be replaced with a platform, and the same process is then followed. The rails are securely attached to the treads of the stairs, usually against a wall, and the ride is comfortable and smooth. If the staircase in your Devon home is straight, installing a stairlift will be quick and relatively easy. Special rails will not need to be manufactured, so a consultant will be able to measure the staircase and have the rails available in a lot less time than if customised rails were required. There will be minimal disruption when the chair is installed as there is no drilling into the walls. In fact, installation should be completed within a few hours, and your chair will be operational. Click here to get more information.

Customising your chair

You will be able to choose a chair that you think best suits you and your home, and can sometimes even select the upholstery of the chair. While standard equipment can usually be installed in a matter of days, you might need to wait a little longer if you need a chair to be customised. If you need a stairlift for outside stairs, this can also be arranged. The fabric on the chair will need to be resistant to weather and the rails will also need to be weather-proofed.

When a chair is installed, you’ll be given a full demonstration so that you can adjust the height according to your needs. If you are concerned about a problem when using the chair, such as not being able to get out of it if you were feeling particularly weak, it’s possible to arrange for a call station so that you’ll be able to arrange for help.

A2B Stairlifts Ltd provides straight lifts with many different makes and models to suit your needs and style in Devon, UK.