Duties of Executor of Wills

by | Nov 19, 2014 | Legal & Financial

For those who are writing wills in Caversham, you need to know about the duties of executors of wills so that you can make an informed decision about choosing the best person to preside over your estate upon your death. The executor’s main responsibility is to collect all of your assets after your death and distribute them to the beneficiaries you assigned an inheritance to when you wrote the will. If you left behind any debts the executor must pay those debts in a timely manner. To complete this task effectively it would be a good idea to hire a lawyer who understands wills in Caversham. Be prepared for possible challenges to the will and should someone contest it, the probate court will declare whether a will is valid or not.

Notification of Beneficiaries

The executor of wills in Caversham must also reach beneficiaries and meet with them to distribute anything that you left for the beneficiaries to have after your death. You would take the necessary steps to ensure that the beneficiaries get what was left to them in a timely manner.

Filing of Taxes

Another responsibility of an executor is to file taxes on behalf of the deceased and if you’re an executor who is not familiar with estate tax laws in the UK you should meet with a lawyer who has experience in taxation and estate planning.

Reading The Will To Survivors

As the executor of the deceased person’s estate it is your responsibility to meet with the deceased person’s survivors and read the will to them. While reading the will you need to have already figured out which persons will receive certain things from the deceased person’s estates.

Court Appearances on Behalf of Estate

Sometimes you may have to appear in court on behalf of a deceased person’s estate. One example of this is if someone decides to contest the will. Or if you need to file a lawsuit on behalf of the estate because a certain individual is committing copyright infringement by imitating the deceased person’s work, this would require a court appearance.

When you become the executor of a person’s estate you have a huge responsibility. It is your job to handle the person’s assets in the best way possible and in a timely manner. You should maintain friendly relations with the beneficiaries and you need to make all required appearances in court if needed.

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