Roofing Services in Livingston – Add Aesthetic Appeal to Your Property with Slating

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Have you been looking for a long-term alternative to traditional roofing materials? If so, consider slate when paying for roofing services in Livingston. Slate is a durable material that has been used on roofs for many years. The material is used to craft a type of tile or shingle, which will be impervious to harsh weather conditions. Pale, dark, green and purple are just a few colours you can choose from when working with a respected roofing company, so why not invest in these services to enhance your property’s appearance?

What is Slating?

Back in the days of the Romans when they roamed British soil, slate was a popular choice for the construction of roofs. In today’s day and age, roofing contractors have more options when it comes to selecting a type of slate, because they can choose between man-made, imported and local slate. An environmentally friendly option, these roofing services in Livingston can last for up to 60 years if the roof is cared for properly. Watertight and hardwearing, slate is a fireproof material and will withstand most weather conditions.

Types of Slate

Homeowners who are paying for roofing services in Livingston like the fact that they can choose from lots of types of slate. There are benefits associated with each and these are:

  • Local Slate – Slate made in the UK is tough and hard-wearing, however the installation cost is rather high. Greyish blue slate manufactured in Wales is a popular choice, because it is of a high quality.
  • Imported Slate – A popular choice throughout the United Kingdom, this affordable roof tile option excels in tests for water absorption. With regular maintenance, it will hold its condition for over 30 years.
  • Man-Made Slate – This type of slate doesn’t last as long as local or imported, but is much simpler to lay.

The Benefits of Slate

Each type of slate has its advantages, but most will be fireproof and invulnerable to insects and rot. Most tiles can be fitted on homes and commercial projects. Non-combustible, slate doesn’t take long to install and if you are an eco-conscious individual, you can get solar panels fitted on top of the slate roofing.

Whether it’s emergency maintenance, repair work or installations you require, Mitchell Roofing Services can help.

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