The process of selling your property can be time consuming and stressful, but with guidance from a property advisor, you can attract potential buyers who want to pay the asking price. Before you start marketing the property, it’s a good idea to contact surveyors in Bristol. An experienced surveyor will help you make an informed judgement on whether or not to proceed with a sale, based on what repairs (if any) need to be completed before contracts are exchanged. Aside from assessing the general condition, the surveyor will perform the following tasks.

Dealing with Urgent Problems

You may not be aware of the fact that your property is damaged and requires urgent attention. This is why surveyors in Bristol will come in handy, because their in-depth inspections will draw attention to timber damage, damp problems and any other major faults that could pose a safety threat unless they are dealt with immediately. You can also expect the surveyor to recommend further inspections if necessary, particularly if the property is relatively old.

Estimating the Cost of Repairs

Nobody wants to spend money repairing faults and damages as soon as they move into a new home, especially if the property value was valued high. Surveyors in Bristol will draw up a comprehensive structural report after an inspection. This report will detail every single minor and major fault, whether it is something that needs maintaining or repairing. When issues have been highlighted, the surveyor will get in touch with engineers, electricians and builders, before negotiating a repair price and getting everything sorted ahead of the signing of contracts. A chartered building surveyor will have lots of contacts, so you are sure to get repairs completed for a good price.

Valuing the Property on the Open Market

Although you will need to pay for a building survey to be conducted, the return on investment will be more than worth it. The detailed inspection will focus on major repairs and/or alterations, and structural problems. When carried out by a qualified surveyor who is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), you can guarantee that he or she will maintain knowledge of local market values. This means that a figure can be drawn up, and you can get peace of mind when setting an asking price.

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