Are you in the process of building a shed or summerhouse? Maybe you want to buy wood in large quantities from timber merchants in Bristol to begin the decking, fencing or landscaping process? Whether it’s a commercial or residential project you are about to undertake, you should consider your needs for the material before buying in bulk. Timber merchants will source their wood from reliable suppliers, and will usually give you the option of purchasing softwood or hardwood. Although fairly similar in appearance, these materials have very different uses. Let’s take a look at a few uses to help you make an informed decision.

Uses for Softwood

Softwood is not actually soft, but is much less dense than hardwood timber. It is sourced from various countries around the globe and there are numerous types of softwood available from timber merchants in Bristol. These include Western Red Cedar for cladding, Douglas Fir for structural products, and Larch for trim. If it’s general purpose timber you’re after, choose Scots Pine or Spruce. Yew is a good choice if you are planning on building furniture, and Western Hemlock works best for mouldings.

Uses for Hardwood  

Worktops, mouldings and most types of wooden flooring are usually crafted with hardwood from timber merchants in Bristol. The density of hardwood differs greatly and sometimes, it is softer than softwood! Long-lasting, hardwood comes from road-leaf evergreen trees and deciduous trees. Balsa, Teak Oak and Mahogany are a few examples of the trees that may be trimmed to make hardwood products, such as structural items, musical instruments, interior joinery furniture, crafts, tool handles, basket work, cricket bats, toys and woven fencing.

Services Offered By Timber Merchants

Timber merchants in Bristol will be able to provide you with bulk amounts of timber, but will also be able to assist with many other projects. From providing building materials like bricks, blocks, plasterboard and thermal insulation, to selling chemicals, roofing, ventilation and metalwork, timber merchants can help in more ways than one when you are preparing for a residential or commercial construction project. In addition to these services, they can aid with decorating preparation, landscaping ground preparation, and the installation of windows and doors. Before you work with a company, make sure they hold relevant licenses and have good customer reviews.

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