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In Portsmouth, as in the rest of the UK, there are thousands of people who are experiencing difficulties getting up and down stairs. The design of many homes includes stairs, and so finding a safe and reliable way of navigating these steps is important if they are to have continued mobility in their homes. Fortunately, having chairlifts installed is a safe and practical solution, and gives independence back to many people.

What does the process involve?

The first thing to appreciate is that a chairlift operates on rails that are attached to the stairway. As each set of steps can differ, it will be necessary to contact a consultant from a supplier to come to your home and inspect your conditions. If you have a simple, straight staircase, it will make the design and installation of a chairlift much easier. However, even if you have a curved staircase and a home over several floors, it is equally possible to design and create a chairlift system that will be just as effective.

Some people are concerned that they will need to rebuild their staircase and this should not be necessary, as the rails of the chairlift are attached directly to the stairs. Whether the stairs are constructed of wood or concrete would not affect their suitability. The design will also take into consideration the fact that there may be doors on landings. In these situations, it is possible to install hinges on the rails that allow them to be folded out of the way when not in use. Click here to know more.

Once the rails have been made to specification, installation can take place in a matter of hours. All that is needed is a power supply. To ensure that no-one is left stranded if the electricity fails, there is a back-up battery attached to the chairlift as well.

Making the most of space

For smaller Portsmouth homes, where space is at a premium, it is possible to fold up the footplate and seat of the chairlift. This means that the staircase is not obstructed for others using it. The moving parts are usually easily folded into place by hand. As many staircases are narrow, the chairlift is normally placed at right-angles to the wall, enabling the passenger to travel sideways. Some chairs have a swivel mechanism that make getting into and out of them much easier. More expensive models actually have a powered option where the seat can be swivelled by manipulating a toggle stick. Some of latest designs involve a track that moves with the seat as it travels up the staircase, leaving the steps unimpeded for everyone else in the home. There really is a chairlift solution for every type of home and for every budget available.

For advice on chairlifts in Portsmouth, contact Bentley Mobility. They have an office in Portsmouth and consultants who can call on you at home.

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