A drainage system holds the unknown, they are not easy to be viewed especially with the naked eye. You never know if you may have a blocked pipe or roots growing into your system simply because you cannot see the area. That is where a drain CCTV Survey in Swindon comes in handy to take a peek at the inside of your sewage lines. A professional sewage company can provide you with the technology required to thoroughly examine your sewage system. They can supply you with the results from a diagnostic testing to help prevent any problems before they take place. You can visit here for more information.

How a CCTV Survey Works

* A camera called a crawler is placed inside of the drains of your home or business. It moves along your drainage on a small motorised base while relaying back to the technician video pictures of your pipes.

* Small push rods that are designed to reach smaller places are snaked through the narrow spaces to allow the technician to view the area.

* The system is used to release a dye into the sewage system to help determine collapsed areas. The dye will stop moving through the system when it either finds a leak to slip out or is stopped by a clog.

* A piece of the equipment called the Cat is used to help determine where any electric cables are located around the pipes before workers begin to dig in the area.

* A tool named Jenny promotes low voltage to move through the metal pipes to help the equipment to travel further into the piping.

Have Peace of Mind Your Drainage System is Operating Efficiently

As a home or business owner, it is important to know that your sewage system is flowing freely. You want to know there is a problem before it becomes too large to repair. A CCTV survey can help you know that your pipes are not clogged or damaged. The testing will relay to the technician if your pipes have been extremely compromised and need repair immediately or if your lines are working impeccably. The survey can even find issues that are not too severe however if they are neglected for too long you will have a problem on your hands. You can give yourself a peace of mind today when you call a professional out to perform the survey on your sewage lines.

Total Drainage Services (South West) Ltd offers their clients the service of drain CCTV survey in Swindon. Visit them online today to schedule an appointment to have your sewage lines thoroughly inspected.