It can be annoying to take a shower and have the bottom of the enclosure to fill with water. If the problem continues, you risk the chance of the bathroom floor becoming soaked or flooded. Perhaps, you have experienced a sink that would not drain after filling it with water. These are just a couple of problems you may have when your pipes become clogged. If you are experiencing blocked drains in Bristol consider contacting a professional to help eliminate the clog for you. You do not want to ignore the problem as the problem may be more serious than you suspect. What you feel is a minor inconvenience can become a major problem that can be expensive to fix if neglected.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

* Hair- when you shower some of the hair falls to the floor of the shower into the drain. Even with a hair trap a little bit of your hair slips into the pipe.

* Soap- you may not think soap can clog a drain and it does not on its own. However, the soap will stick to the inside of the pipe and build up over time to restrict the flow of water through the pipe.

* Minerals- does the same as soap over time the minerals will build up in the pipeline.

* Small objects- such as toys, the cap of a bottle, or wrapper from a product can result in clog drains if they were to fall into the pipes.

* Debris- such as rocks, dirt, leaves, or trash that enter the pipeline from an outside drain will continue to build up until the pipe becomes clogged.

* Damaged or collapsed pipes- a pipe will eventually break due to age or the amount of weight that is put on it interrupting the flow through the line. Click here to know more.

How an Expert can help you

You can purchase over-the-counter products to try and remove the clog on your own. However, these chemicals can cause damage the pipes if not used correctly. Plus, the products will not be able to clear out a severe problem or fix damaged pipe. That is why you should call in a specialist to tend to the issue for you. They will have the knowledge and tools, such as a CCTV drain equipment, required to search your pipelines to locate the exact position of the blockage. They will be able to tell you if your system simply needs to be flushed or you will require new pipes to be installed.

Are you experiencing blocked drains in Bristol? If so, contact Total Drainage Services (South West) Ltd to learn how their specialist can assist in fixing your clogged pipes.