What You Need to Know About Range Rover Evoque Car Hire in London, UK

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Automotive

The ability to hire a car to get around London is a great experience. You can get around with ease and take in all the sights. Such transportation doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be comfortable and roomy. A Range Rover is a great option to consider. It is very classy, and there is plenty of space for all you are travelling with.

This vehicle offers you 4-wheel drive capabilities, and it gets nearly 47 mpg! It has plenty of power, so acceleration won’t be an issue. There is room in this type of vehicle for five adults to ride in comfort. There is also a hatchback area where you can store luggage and other items. There is no reason to hire a compact car where you will be squished when you can have the luxury of such a vehicle at your fingertips.

Hire the Best

Don’t pay more than you must for Range Rover Evoque car hire in London, UK. Just knowing where you can turn to get the best rates on such a vehicle will help you to get the reservation completed for a price you are happy with. At City Inter-Rent, we realise you have plenty of options when it comes to where you get the vehicle you will use. We want to make it a simple and smooth experience for you every single time.

By getting the vehicle from us, you have the best possible customer support at your fingertips. Call with questions or concerns you may have and we will help you. City Inter-Rent realises not everyone travels at the same hours. You can conveniently get a Range Rover Evoque car hire from us any time you need it. By making your reservation early, you can feel confident you can get the very vehicle you want!


Anytime you get Range Rover Evoque car hire at City Inter-Rent, you can be certain the vehicle has been well maintained. It has been carefully inspected to ensure it will run for you very well during your rental period. It has been cleaned inside and out, so you can feel great about how the vehicle looks from all perspectives. Should you have any issues with the vehicle, just call us and we will help you to find a solution.

We are also proud to inform you the Range Rover Evoque car hire is considered one of the safer SUVs on the market today. Knowing you can get a great vehicle to get around London is very important. Being able to get it from us for a reasonable price is encouraging. Knowing the vehicle you are driving is also one of the safest out there should give you peace of mind!

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