Gas Engineer in Milton Keynes – Gas Safety Checks and Their Importance

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Do you have the number of a Gas Safe registered gas engineer in Milton Keynes? If not, it’s a good idea to track down a reliable company, because appliance inspections are imperative to rule out the possibility of a gas leak. Checking appliances are working in the correct way requires a swift examination of components and warning signs, like marks and stains. It is recommended to hire help at least once a year, or more often if there is an increased amount of condensation in the room.

Risks Associated with Poorly Maintained Boilers

Difficult to detect, carbon monoxide is a gas that cannot be seen or smelt. The fact that it can be released into the atmosphere without being detected is a worrying issue, and this is why maintenance should be a priority. More than 50 people in the UK die from death by asphyxiation every year, but this can be avoided when a safety check is completed by a gas engineer in Milton Keynes. Signs of a faulty heating appliance include difficulty lighting the fire, sooty stains and an orange or yellow flame, instead of a blue flame igniting. If these signs are noticed, get repairs or replacements conducted and arrange annual checks.

What Happens During a Check?

In most cases, a gas engineer in Milton Keynes will use special tools and equipment to take the appliance apart. By doing so, the professional can look for signs of wear and tear and can get to the root of a problem, should there be one. Air vents, the appliance’s physical condition, pipework and deteriorating flues will be looked at, and the appropriate action taken. The supply of combustion air a boiler receives will have an impact on its performance, so it’s likely the engineer will check for blockages.

The Gas Safety Record

Just like you would receive a receipt from a shop assistant when you purchase products, the gas engineer should provide you with a record of what work was completed during the visit. This piece of information is also known as a Gas Safety Record, and will detail the appliance’s service history, as well as any repairs that have been conducted. The name of the engineer and his or her Gas Safe registration number will be included on this record.

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