The Advantages of Getting Hardwood Decking in Bath Fitted In Your Garden

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

If you’re a proud homeowner, chances are you will want to make both the interior and exterior look great. By making some changes in the garden not only can you create extra living space but also, you can boost the value of your property! Decking is a growing trend around the United Kingdom, because it can even out a sloping landscape and create an impression of balance. What’s more, it will prevent weeds from taking over and is 100 percent bio-degradable. Here are just a few more benefits of getting hardwood decking fitted by a professional.

Hardwood Withstands Wear and Tear

You can guarantee that if your hardwood decking is covered by warranty, it will not disappoint with its longevity. When hardwood decking in Bath is installed it will be drip treated, which means that the panels of wood will be preserved for longer. Water will not absorb into the wood, making it the ideal choice for a garden that faces a lot of rainfall. What makes it all the more appealing is the fact that maintenance is low-key, because specialised timber treatments will protect the wood from infestations and rot.

A Sustainable Choice

The choice of material for decking in Bath will affect how sustainable it is. Lots of eco-conscious homeowners choose hardwood because the wood is usually sourced from forests that have been sustainably managed. Earth-friendly, it is available in abundance and won’t take long to produce either. Hardwood has a coarse texture and it is a preferred choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The only downside is that it can crack quite easily if faced with a lot of pressure, but there are some protective coatings you can apply to strengthen the wood and increase its lifespan.

Pressure Treated for Durability

When hardwood decking in Bath is being produced it will be placed inside a vacuum, which will be filled with wood preservatives. Wood moulds will be repelled thanks to this unique timber treatment, which is also referred to as the pressure treated technique. While the initial investment will likely be more than other types of wood, pressure treated hardwood will be stronger, meaning that mould won’t be able to feed on the wood and damage it.

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