Things a Preservation Expert Would Tell You About Wall Ties in Eastbourne

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

When a home is constructed, there are a few things a professional builder will do to ensure the foundation is as sturdy as possible. Whether you are renovating the home or building the property of your dreams, it’s important to use wall ties in Eastbourne. Preservation experts rely on wall ties, because when installed during construction, the chances of joint cracking reduces. The type of wall ties you choose will depend on your location and requirements, due to the fact wall corrosion is common for homes near the seaside. Read on to learn the facts about these crucial construction components.

The Inner Skin

A cavity wall will be comprised of two parts – an external leaf and internal leaf. The inner skin is the part you must pay the most attention to, because it depends on a great deal of support from other parts of the property, including the ceiling joists, floor joists and roof. In order to choose wall ties in Eastbourne for the inner skin, the weight of the roof and floors must be taken into account, so that a stable box-like structure can be achieved.

Wall Tie Materials

The majority of companies or preservation experts selling wall ties in Eastbourne will recommend metal as the material of choice. Why, you ask? Well, metal is a non-corrosive material that will stand the test of time. It’s condition is unlikely to worsen like plastic wall ties and despite being very strong, metal wall ties will allow a certain level of movement when it changes in temperature. During the replacement procedure, an expert will focus on the condition of existing wall ties, before removing them, specifying a new type and installing them. Finally, torque testing and visual checks will be carried out.

Types of Wall Ties

Generally, there are three types of wall ties to choose from. The initial inspection will influence the choice you or the preservation expert makes. Types are as follows:

  • Screw-In Wall Ties – Choose screw-in products if you want the installation method to be easy and fast.
  • Mechanical Remedial Wall Ties – Available in a variety of lengths, these products can be fitted in-between cavities of different widths.
  • Resin Remedial Wall Ties – Usually, these wall ties will be manufactured from stainless steel, which is long-lasting, strong and resistant to corrosion.

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