Clean Surfaces with Pumping Equipment in Crawley

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Does the exterior of your home look like it is in need of a clean? If so, you may consider using pumping equipment in Crawley to get the job done. High pressure jet washing, also known as hydro cleaning, is an effective tool for removing debris from patios, driveways and other tough-to-clean surfaces. These systems are used with chemicals to dislodge grime and leave surfaces looking brand new. Designed with a small motor mounted on wheels, high pressure jet washing creates a powerful spray that causes no damage.

Dealing with Clogged Pipework

Clogged drains are a common problem that lots of homeowners will face. In order to get obstructions removed with high pressure pumping equipment in Crawley, you must figure out the cause first. Leaves, dirt, debris, foreign objects, water flow issues and broken pipes are just a few examples of the main causes of clogged pipework. While some blockages can be removed with a plunger, others may require the use of jet washing. Pretty much any drain cleaning problem can be dealt with when the proper equipment is used by a professional.

The Benefits of High Pressure Jet Washing

Corrosion resistant and heavy duty, jet wash vehicles are industrial quality tools that not only work for removing blockages from pipework but also, for cleaning flat surfaces. Powerful and reliable, jet washing pumping equipment in Crawley is a must-have accessory for most property owners who regularly clean driveways, concrete floors, decking, warehouses and garages. Various sizes are available and they have numerous uses, such as the restoration of surfaces, building cleaning and graffiti removal. By getting in touch with a professional, you can find out what size suits your needs.

How it Works

Did you know that water molecules have an electrical polarity? This means that one end is negatively charged and the other is positively charged. When mixed with detergent or a mild soap, water can be used to clean pretty much any surface. Consider the fact that jet wash pumping equipment in Crawley works with water jets pressurized at up to 200 times the pressure of air, and there really is no better tool for lifting grime, breaking down grease and flushing away dirt! Powered by an electric motor, it can be fitted with a wide range of attachments, proving it to have multiple uses.

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