Repair of Roof Tiles in Edinburgh Area

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Roof tiles are manufactured using varying materials such as stone, clay, metal, glass and ceramic. Roof tiles in Edinburgh area range from Square stones to complex tiles. In addition to their use as roofing materials, tiles can also be used on floors and walls. In rare cases, tiles may also be manufactured from wood and wool. Such tiles are used for ceiling covering and on walls. Roof tiles are supposed to be strong and resistant to weathering agents. As such, they are made using materials like slate, plastic, clay and concrete. Some clay tiles are covered with water proof glaze to keep away water. Roofing tiles are available in varying shapes and sizes.

Roofing tiles are basically installed in parallel rows with every row partially covering the other one. When properly installed, roof tiles require minimal maintenance and repair before they are completely replaced. However, sometimes, repair on roof tiles is inevitable. Leakages on such roofs result from damages on the shakes or a crack on the surface of the tiles. Locating and fixing a damaged tile on the roof is a difficult process that needs to be handled by professionals. Failure to repair a minor damage on the roof can lead to a major damage which may necessitate the replacement of the entire roof.

Most repair work on tiles involves removal and replacement of damaged tiles, fixing the damaged tiles by applying glue and applying any fixing material on cracked tiles to prevent leakage. Generally, the roof is supposed to be replaced after about 25 years. However, failing to repair the roof may lead to a bigger problem and consequentially replacement of the roof before the 25 years are over. Roof tiles Edinburgh areas are repaired during a warm, sunny, bright day, preferably in the afternoon, to prevent the tiles from cracking. While repairing the roof, there are certain things that should be taken care of.

First, the faulty tiles should be carefully identified and marked out. The ladder used to climb to the roof should be working perfectly to avoid injuries. After the damaged tiles have been identified, they should be removed and disposed. New tiles should then be fixed firmly, sliding them under each other to prevent them from moving from their place. When placing a new tile, the top and left tiles should be snapped into place firmly. Regardless of the type of repair that a roof requires, it is important to have the professionals do the work.

Repairing Roof tiles in Edinburgh area is somewhat complicated. As such, it should only be handles by specialists. Mitchell roofing has been in this business for over 30 years and has a team of experienced professionals in repair of roof tiles.

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