Three Popular Types of Fencing in Bath to Consider for Commercial, Residential and Industrial Renovation

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Looking for a way to increase the marketability of your home? Maybe you own a commercial property and want to enhance safety? Whatever your circumstances, fencing in Bath may be the solution to your problems. Perimeter fencing is an extremely important element for any property, because it could add major value to your investment. When installed by a professional and maintained properly, vinyl, wood panel and metal fencing will add decorative detail to the space, while offering functionality and practicality. With so many types of fencing to choose from, it’s worth looking at the most popular options.

Panel Fencing

If you want to identify certain boundaries, deter pests and aesthetically enhance the space, choose panel fencing in Bath. Installed with wooden panels of varying sizes and shapes, panel fencing is a cost-effective choice that requires some level of maintenance. It can be painted to suit pretty much any application. Some styles that you can choose include turret, lattice, lap, close board, continental and trellised. When getting a quote for fences of this kind, you should be clear about the sizes and finishes you require.

Close Board Fencing

Whatever the features of your commercial, residential or industrial property may be, close board fencing in Bath can be designed to match it. A popular option for homes and gardens, it offers a good level of privacy and prevents unwanted noise from causing disturbances. Available in a variety of heights and configurations, it can be fitted with concrete posts or timber. These materials prevent the wood from coming into contact with the ground and other surfaces, which ultimately increases its lifespan and saves you money.

Picket Fencing

Perfect for identifying the boundaries of a property, picket fencing in Bath can be installed quickly without obstructing whatever view lies in front or behind it. If you are a homeowner searching for a solution to keep pets and children safe when frolicking in your garden, picket fencing is a worthwhile investment. Most types of this fencing can be fitted with a compatible gate, which can be painted or wood stained in the colour of your choice. Not only will this make the fence look better but also, it will offer a barrier of protection against Mother Nature’s elements, like wind, rain, snow and UV rays.

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