Aromatherapy Massage Oils – Relax in Your Own Home

by | Aug 22, 2014 | Healthcare

Stress is part of life. Many are looking for natural ways to help reduce stress and simply relax. One popular relaxation treatment is aromatherapy. Simply put, aromatherapy involves the utilisation of natural essences from plants to affect the relaxation of both the body and mind. These extracted aromatic essences and scents have been shown to produce this calming effect.

More simply put, aromatherapy uses essential oils from flowers, seeds, herbs, etc. to create a relaxed state. Aromatherapy has not been proven to cure illness or disease but, depending on the oils used, it can certainly engender a feeling of calm in most people. Our nostrils belong to the limbic system of the brain that system controls our emotions and influences our hormones and nervous system. When we breathe in essential oil scents, the limbic system can have an effect on our stress levels e.g. breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, etc.

Studies have shown that aromatherapy can help people feel less stressed, minimise headaches, pain and pre-menstrual symptoms, and improve blood pressure and digestive conditions.

Aromatherapy Massage Oils
Due to their intensity, essential oils are usually diluted with other oils, e.g. olive, almond, soya, and grape seed. These “carrier” oils help spread the essential oils and avoid any negative skin reaction from the intensity of the essential oils. The diluted oils are rubbed on the body. When you use aromatherapy oils in conjunction with massage, you’re on your way to a very relaxed state of body and mind.

With our stressful lives, aromatherapy products – especially aromatherapy massage oils – can calm our bodies and our minds. Each aromatherapy scent features a unique set of beneficial qualities – soothing, calming, sleep induction, etc. – and we can select scents to match your specific needs. Here are a few examples of the properties of some scents:

  • Anti-spasmodic: ginger, peppermint
  • Calming: chamomile, geranium, lavender
  • Cleansing: rosemary
  • Decongesting: tea tree, eucalyptus, pine
  • Energising: rosemary

Using aromatherapy oils for massage at home is definitely an all-natural treatment to consider even if you simply want to give your body some much needed relaxation after a long day or week of work.

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