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by | Aug 22, 2014 | Health and Fitness

Since it covers our entire body, skin is the human body’s largest organ. It protects the body by keeping our temperature stable, turning sunshine into vitamin D, keeping us hydrated, keeping harmful elements outside of us and helping us sense things like pain, cold and heat.

Our skin is exposed to many things that can irritate it – wind, dust, sun, cold temperatures, stress, allergens, certain diseases, and chemicals that we ingest and put on our bodies. Even your genetic makeup can influence the condition of your skin. We don’t need to add further irritation or discomfort by using skin care products containing harsh and unnatural ingredients. Whether it’s skin cleansers, moisturisers, body oils, lotions, salves, or skin treatments, consider using natural skin care products.

For Normal Skin Types
All skin is unique and almost everyone has some minor skin issue of dryness, oiliness, flakiness, wrinkles, etc. Some people can have combinations of skin types in various skin zones of their face and body. Hence, many commercial skin care products contain ingredients that can irritate a “normal” skin and result in itching, redness, bumps, etc. Using natural skin care products made with certified organic ingredients can help alleviate or reduce the effects of these normal challenges.

For Certain Skin Conditions
People suffer from skin conditions of all kinds – acne, psoriasis, eczema, lip sores, skin fungus, hives, rosacea, vitiligo, impetigo, skin tags & warts, etc. – and each of these skin conditions have their own set of symptoms, e.g. rashes, swelling, burning, redness, itching, etc. The gentle quality of natural skin care products can bring relief to certain skin care conditions like psoriasis and rosacea. These organic products can also offer moisture and calming ingredients.

Organic Baby Products
New parents will want to be especially attentive when selecting skin care products for a baby. When you want to minimise unnatural ingredients, perfumes and dyes, consider organic all-natural baby products. These products feature the moisturising and soothing benefits you want for your infant without the troublesome ingredients thatmay irritate infant skin. Organic baby products can also work well for adults with sensitive skin.

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