Working with Glass Suppliers in Croydon for Glass Shower Door Installation

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Giving a bathroom a light and elegant look is easy if you hire glass suppliers in Croydon for the installation of glass shower doors, because if you select the right style and type of glass, you can give the space a sophisticated, luxurious appearance. From the frameless doors that slide open to the chrome and brass-framed doors, there are plenty of options to choose from. Once you’ve decided on a price range and glass thickness, you can start planning for shower door installation, whether it is finished with custom etching or ready-made patterns.

Types of Shower Enclosures

If your bathroom is relatively compact in size, opt for frameless shower doors and enclosures from glass suppliers in Croydon. Perfect for an en suite bathroom, these types of shower enclosures can be installed with coated, toughened and safety glass. Another suitable option for tight spaces is a quadrant shower, which will normally be fitted with sliding doors. Prefer the contemporary look? Opt for sleek frameless showers for their light and airy feel. Alternatively, introduce modern elements with hinged shower doors and enclosures that feature chrome bar handles.

Types of Glass

The glass you get installed by glass suppliers in Croydon will depend on the type of shower enclosure you have. A long-lasting, safe and durable option is 8mm or 10mm tempered glass. Simple to clean, it requires minimal maintenance. An alternative option for shower enclosures and wet rooms is toughened safety glass, which when broken will not shatter and pose a safety risk. Looking for something budget-friendly? Choose 4mm or 6mm glass, and increase durability with edge protection. Strong aluminium framing is a great investment, because it will protect and support the glass.

Bathroom Space

Don’t let the excitement of choosing shower doors prevent you from preparing in the necessary way, such as by taking measurements! If you’re working with a small space but want to shower in luxury, choose shower cabins. Should you have quite a large bathroom, consider a D-shaped shower enclosure, which can be installed with or without a tray. Room and height should be taken into account above all else, as well as the wall and the positioning. You can save money and time if you stick with the same area when replacing an existing shower, because there will be no need to adjust plumbing fixtures.

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