How to Avoid Replacing a Boiler

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Home Improvement

A boiler plays a vital role in maintaining a comfortable temperature in a home, it also is the primary method of heating water for the occupants to use. While homeowners may not think often about their boiler, they defiantly know the difference when the device has stopped working as efficiently. From inadequately heating the home to tepid water, a boiler can last a homeowner for up to 15 years before the tank needs to be replaced. The device’s lifespan can be extended when the unit has been properly maintenance by an expert on boilers in Aberdeenshire. However, how do you know when the tank needs to be replaced and which one would best suit your home when upgrading to a newer boiler system.

An Expert Can Offer a Solution

There are various signs that can indicate that it is time to replace the boiler in a home such as leaks, an unusual smell, or the flames are yellow instead of blue. If the system is over 15 years old or the unit has required more repairs recently than in the past, a homeowner can benefit by upgrading to a newer system. A plumber that offers services on boilers in Aberdeenshire can inspect the current tank to determine if the device can be repaired or should be replaced with a newer, more efficient boiler.

Benefit from an Expert’s Knowledge

The skilled technicians at CAS Duncan have the expertise you require in selecting a new boiler for your home. They will assess your home and determine from the size of the dwelling on which system would adequately warm the space. From selecting a new unit to instalment, you can greatly benefit by contacting a professional to help with your boiler problems.

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