A home extension could increase the overall property value and living space, making conservatories in Esher a great investment if you’re considering a home improvement project. Popular in Victorian and Edwardian times, conservatories have grown in popularity over the last decade, with approximately 250,000 being constructed in the UK in 2006. No planning permission is required for an extension of this kind, which can be used as a cosy and relaxing space. Not sure which style to choose? Take a look at the following popular options when getting a North, South, East or West-facing conservatory built.

The Three or Five Facet Victorian

Perhaps the most popular and well-known styles of conservatories in Esher are the three and five facet Victorian conservatories. The classic Victorian style looks great as an extension to period properties, and even adds a quirky touch to modern residences. Relatively simplistic in design, the style suits properties of all sizes and can be built with custom glass. Why not mix it up by blending the old with the new? The three or five facet Victorian would look great with red brickwork and French or bi-folding doors. With its rounded roof, plenty of sunlight will pour into the conservatory, so you can enjoy sunshine even throughout winter.

The Edwardian/Georgian

The Victorian 3 facet conservatory is very similar in design to Edwardian and Georgian conservatories in Esher. What’s different is the overall shape, which is round yet spacious. It’s important to spare some time to carefully plan the construction of your conservatory, from the windows to the roof and frame glazing. Air conditioning can be concealed in the walls if you’re concerned about maintaining temperature. Want to enhance security? Ask the installer of the conservatory about key locking security handles.

The Corner In-Fill

If you have a garden with plenty of unused space, opt for corner in-fill conservatories in Esher. These conservatories are constructed against two sturdy walls. A cost-effective option, the corner in-fill conservatory can be built with high-security locking bolts and a wide range of features, such as ventilation vents, British Standard toughened glass, PVCU frames and welded joints. For a more aesthetically pleasing result, choose hidden weather seals and a wood grain effect finish. Some popular wood grain colours include Golden Oak, Rosewood and Classic White.

For more than 30 years, P & P Glass has been helping homeowners create the right design with conservatories in Esher. If you have questions about planning and building regulations, visit them online.