What To Do If You Have A Blocked Drain

by | May 5, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

The toilet won’t flush and looks dangerously close to overflowing. The kitchen sink is full and the water isn’t running away. The outside drain is gurgling and there is a terrible smell in the air. All of these nightmare scenarios point to one thing: The dreaded blocked drain.

Before you jump on the phone and call the nearest plumber, there are a few things you can try yourself. In Swindon there are as many blocked drains as anywhere else, and nearly as many unnecessary call outs. Nine times out of ten, you could have done it yourself rather than call a plumber.

Try a domestic drain cleaner. There are many types of these and they can be purchased from most supermarkets or hardware stores. The most common of these are chemical drain cleaners and plungers. They both come with advantages and disadvantages, and you may have to get your hands dirty, but it’s better than paying over the odds for an unnecessary call out.

If doing it yourself really doesn’t work, then it’s time to call in the experts. In Swindon there are many companies that will deal with blocked drains. It is advisable to go with an established company rather than an individual plumber, and it is also advisable to speak to at least two or three companies first, getting a quote from each. Unless your home is being flooded, don’t panic. An extra five minutes on the phone won’t do you any harm and might save you some money.

On the phone, be as specific as possible. Try and describe exactly what the problem is and when it started. Be sure to tell them any additional information that might be useful, for example that the bathroom sink is used mostly by three sisters, all with long hair. A little information might go a long way.

Also ascertain how they will attempt to solve the problem and what equipment they will use. Good companies should be offering services like High Power Jet Washing, and CCTV Drain Inspection, but does not mean that they should be any more expensive.

If you have blocked drains and are looking for someone in the Swindon area to help, try searching online or look in the yellow pages. Or better still, asks a friend for a recommendation. There is no better way to find a great service than a recommendation from a happy customer.

If you are looking for someone to help you with blocked drains in Swindon, visit Total Drainage Services (South West) Ltd. You won’t need to look any further for the best quality service in Swindon and the surrounding areas.

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