Blocked drains are more than a nuisance. They are inconvenient, smelly, often embarrassing and can be very expensive if they are not dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Many things can cause a blocked drain, depending on where the drain is and what function it performs. For example, a bathroom drain can get clogged up with hair, soap and shampoo oils. Kitchen drains can get blocked up with fat or vegetable oil, food and washing up products. Outdoor drains can have blockages caused by leaves, dirt and stones. Roots, burrowing animals or subsidence can block underground drains. These are just some examples of how drains can get blocked. There are many more.

The end result of blocked drains is always unpleasant. Sometimes it’s as simple as a blocked sink overflowing, other times it’s as dramatic as foul water flooding the home.

Drain clearance is something that can never be done too early. In Swindon there are many great companies that can do this for you. When looking for a company to clear your blocked drains, make sure that they offer more than just sending someone out with a bagful of chemical and a plunger. With huge advances in technology, drain clearance has become very sophisticated, and it is important to ensure that the company you choose offers you a good number of services before you call them out. This can make a huge difference to the job they will do.

For example, drains blocked by fat, grease or other similar materials can be cleared with a high-pressure water jet washer. Here, water is sprayed though the pipes under very high pressure and clears everything in its way. As no chemicals are used, this is an environmentally friendly way of doing it. Drains blocked by tree roots will require specialised tools fitted with powerful blades. Most drain clearance companies in Swindon should be able to offer you these services, but it would be better if they also offered CCTV drainage cameras as well.

CCTV clearance involves feeding tiny cameras through the pipes to get a clear assessment of what the problem is, without going through the messy and expensive process of digging things up. The blockage can then be dealt with using other equipment, to get things moving again as quickly as possible. There are many drain clearance firms in Swindon who offer this.

There is no point finding out that they do not offer these services after they have arrived – ask them if they use CCTV drainage cameras and perform high pressure jet washing in particular.