Ways of Repairing Leather upholstery

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Upholstery

Leather is a durable material and that is why it has a higher market value compared to other materials. Unfortunately, it also gets damaged even though it last for a long time before being damaged. Water, sunlight, dust and other environmental factors expose leather to wear and tear. The good news for the leather owner is that even if the material gets damaged, it can be repaired by an expert that specialises in leather repair in Edinburgh.

* Removing stains – Sometimes the only treatment needed to repair your leather is stain removal treatment. Pets, children, sharp objects and jewellery can damage your leather furniture by scratching it. The best way to repair the furniture is to use leather honey to restore the original state of the leather by reconditioning the affected area, moistening it and camouflaging the scratches. Test the effectiveness of the leather honey by applying it to a small but hidden part of the furniture to see its effect on the furniture.

* Cleaning – Leather attracts debris and dust which make it unattractive and it leads to stains. To remove the dirt, apply leather friendly cleaning products in a circular motion. After cleaning it, wipe the leather surface with a clean lint-free cloth.

* Repair fade – Environmental condition can alter the colour of your furniture making them look dull and faded. There are two alternatives; you can either replace the leather material with a new cloth or you can apply leather honey which restores the original colour of the leather.

* Patch or fill – You need a professional to help you apply a filler to your leather furniture if it has minor hole. The professional will also patch it up if it needs to be patched up.

Do not give up on your leather furniture if it has been damaged. Nu‐Rest Re‐upholstery has leather professionals that can do repairs and other work to meet your needs.

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