Features and Benefits of UPVC Doors

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Doors and Windows

Doors should serve more purposes rather than just entry and exit points. They are part of the home so they should contribute to the aesthetic value of your home. They should also serve to keep the property inside the premises safe from intruders. Here are some outstanding characteristics of UPVC doors which have made them popular in modern day homes;

1. Easy to maintain

Since UPVC material is very durable, it requires little maintenance like oiling the movable parts to prevent the locks from becoming stiff and wiping the door to ensure it remains clean.

2. Insulation

UPVC doors in Southampton limit the amount of noise that enters your home from outside. Noise interference is known to cause stress so one way of reducing stress is by reducing the noise levels entering your home. The doors limit the amount of damp and cold air entering your home and warm air leaving your home. This makes the doors cost effective as they reduce your energy bills. The doors are efficient in insulation because they have better insulating properties and fit better.

3. Durability

They last longer than ordinary wooden doors due to their construction. Wooden doors are susceptible to weather changes. The doors swell when exposed to damp climate conditions then they warp. UPVC doors in Southampton are weatherproof, dam proof and rigid. The material is also fire resistant and does not rust or rot. They are therefore not affected by changes in climatic conditions.

4. Security

Most UPVC doors in Southampton have an anti-crowbar feature so thieves cannot break in through the doors easily. They also have a core of galvanized steel which make them extra strong compared to other ordinary doors.

5. Variety of designs

You can customize the doors to suit your preference and budget. Would you like an elegant door or just a simple but durable door? There are unlimited designs to choose from.

Contact us for a variety of designs to suit your preference for a UPVC door. Windows by Wise is here to make sure you find the door that suits your needs.

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