Factors that Speed up Leather Damage

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Upholstery

Leather is one of the furniture materials associated with royalty. Its durability, feel, aesthetic value, and elegance make it one of the most valuable materials for furniture. Leather transforms an ordinary room to an elegant cosy room when you put leather furniture in the room.

In as much as leather is durable and tough, it can also be easily damaged when you do not take care of it well. Leather can warp, fade, crack, discolour, tear and even mould. When any of this happens, you need to repair the leather furniture to prevent it from being completely damaged.

There are some enabling environments that speed up the damage of leather that you need to keep away from your leather;

1. Sunlight – When the sun’s rays penetrate your leather furniture, it can discolour, crack and damage your furniture within a short time. Do not expose your leather furniture to direct sunlight otherwise it will soon be damaged. If your leather furniture is already damaged by sun, look for a professional in leather repair in Glasgow to repair your leather.

2. Extreme temperature – When you expose your leather furniture to too hot or too cold climate, it destroys the leather within a short time.

3. Letting stains to settle – It takes a short time for stains to settle in your leather furniture as long as you do not bother to clean them. Make sure you clean stains with leather friendly cleaning agents as soon as you notice the stains. Leather repair in Glasgow can also clean stains from your furniture.

4. Destroying your leather furniture natural oils – This happens when you use cleaning agents that are not leather friendly to clean your furniture.

One sure way to damage your leather furniture is failing to take any initiative to save it. One way to save it would be to contact a professional leather shop like Nu‐Rest Re‐upholstery for repairs. They have the experience, technique, process, resources, and leather friendly cleaners to repair and restore your leather to its original state.

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