Joseph Montgolfier invented the first water pump in 1776. Before the invention, people used to carry water in buckets and containers. These were the same containers they used to draw water from wells. With the invention of the water pump, life was a whole lot easier. Water can be pumped into homes easily with only minimal maintenance required. If you need quality water pumps in South East England, Alton Pumps is the go to source. The following are a few major uses for modern pumps:

Agricultural use

Crops are vital to sustain our food supply and lives. For crops to do well, they need an adequate water supply. Although rain water is the first choice to water crops properly, drought situations make pumps necessary to ensure that crops are not destroyed from a lack of water. Water pumps help farmers to transport water from the lakes, tanks, rivers, streams, and water wells to their farms.

Residential use

Water Pumps in South East England are used in a couple of ways: First they are used to clear rain water that has accumulated in the basement or other low lying areas. Secondly, they are used to draw water from water storage to the bathroom, kitchen, or washbasins.

Industrial Usage across All Industries

Companies in all industries need water pumped for a range of applications. A good water pump is necessary to transport water to various locations throughout factories and other industrial locations.

Alton Pumps is a leader in the industry where water pumps are concerned. If you need a quality water pump system, or need repairs for your existing system, they can handle the job quickly, efficiently, and affordably. They have years of experience, hundreds of satisfied customers, and an excellent reputation in Dorset and the surrounding areas.