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by | Jun 13, 2023 | Water Pump

Do you want your pump to be long-lasting? The best way to ensure that it stands the test of time is to carry out the following maintenance services;

* Spray anti-corrosion products – Water pumps from Dorset with exposed steel rust fast and this can cut short the life of the pump. Anti-corrosion spray is not expensive yet it can improve the efficiency of your pump.

* Clean the cooling fans – One of the most overlooked maintenance routine is cleaning the fans. If the fans are dirty, they do not work effectively and this can lead to overheating of the fans. Overheating can damage your pump leading to more serious problems that cost a lot to rectify. To clean the fans, switch the pump off, and then use a soft brush to remove the debris cobwebs and dust from the fan.

* Servicing your water pump – Servicing your pump is important even if it is still on warranty. Most pumps do not experience any problems when they are on warranty so you need to service it to ensure that even after the warranty period has expired, the pump is still functional. You should service your pump once in 3 or 4 years. Most warranty regulations require you to service your pump but they last for 2 years. Servicing is not expensive and it increases the life of your pump.

* Check for wet patches and drips – One of the purposes for maintenance is to catch problems early before they become complicated. Wet patches and drips are early warning signs for a developing problem. Take your water pumps to Dorset for servicing if you notice the wet patches and drips.

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