How to improve the Performance of Water Pumps

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Water Pump

The performance of your pump is determined by the job evaluation, the friction and pump placement. If you do not want your pump to be noisy, install a pump with a belt-driven overhead engine or one with a four-stroke engine.

Talk to a pump manufacturer from Dorset to advise you on the best pump to buy depending on the purpose of the pump. If you plan to use the pump in a place with salt water, avoid pumps with aluminium housing to reduce the chances of rusting.

Most pump manufacturers use the centrifugal pump design to discharge fluid through the pipes. The pump design uses a mechanism known as impeller. Pump manufacturers in Dorset design the pump such that it can be tweaked in different ways to ensure maximum efficiency.

The efficiency of a pump which is seen in terms of how fast the pump moves liquids and how much of the liquid is moved is determined by the three points;

 * Friction – As water moves along the discharge pipe, it creates friction with the inner wall of the pipe. Friction decreases as diameter decreases or length increases which leads to a decrease in discharge capacity. You can reduce friction by using large and short hose pipes. Note that vinyl and PVC pipes produce less friction when compared to steel pipes. In cases where you must use steel pipes, make sure that you use pipes with a large diameter.

 * Job evaluation – The atmospheric pressure and the level at which the engine is lifted determines the amount of fluid that can be pumped by the pump. As the altitude increases, the performance of the pump reduces but it can be rejected so that it can perform well in high altitude areas.

 * Pump placement – Cavitation is where a liquid begins to boils when its pressure becomes low. Consequently, bubbles and water vapor form at the impeller. When the vapor travels along the impeller, a high amount of energy is lost which can damage the impeller. To prevent cavitation from happening, use large suction pipes with a large diameter.

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