Three Reasons to Get Booster Pumps in Brighton Installed

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Do you live in an area where the water pressure varies? If so, you would benefit from getting booster pumps in Brighton installed by a professional plumber. Normally installed in rural properties, these pumps are specially designed to provide a consistent water flow. Water is sourced from a main water management system for optimum water delivery and in many cases, booster pumps are used for the purpose of light irrigation. Not sure if these pumps are suitable for your property? Read on to discover the main benefits of paying pump installation firms for these services.

Increased Water Pressure
An increase in water pressure is one of the major benefits of getting booster pumps in Brighton fitted by a professional. Most plumbing merchants will stock a wide selection of pumps that meet current standards and in most cases, they will be covered by warranty. These pumps are made to support the movement of water, even if your property is located on a hill. With adequate water supply, all outlets and taps inside the home will receive a sufficient supply. When pressure is low, the pump will recognise this and automatically boost performance.

Regular Supply of Water
If the existing booster pumps in Brighton installed in your property are not meeting the demands of the pressurised hot and cold water systems in your home, it may be time to get new pumps installed.  A solution to most water pressure problems, a mains water booster pump will deliver high efficiency and performance at all times. Suitable for most properties, the system will increase the overall flow rate. The amount at which it increases will depend on the incoming flow rate but in most cases, the lower the flow rate, the more the booster pump will raise it.

Simple Installation
Most booster pumps in Brighton are relatively small, and are compliant with most water fitting regulations. Simple to install, they operate quietly and prevent inconsistent water flow. When consulting with a professional you will be able to choose between two types – single stage and multiple stage. The simplest configuration is single stage, which has just one stage of compression. Multiple stage pumps are high pressure applications that can deal with a larger flow rate. Regardless of the type of water pump you choose, the installation process is dependent on the size of the main water line and the building layout.

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