Three Ways to update your Home’s Exterior

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Knowing how to add curb appeal to your home is not always easy. You can see your home is missing a unique and welcoming look, but might not be able to put your finger on exactly what it needs to make it look more appealing. Here are five ways you can update your Glasgow home with a more distinct look to really improve your home’s appearance:

1. New Windows: Your windows are like the eyes of your home. The windows Glasgow homeowners install can often give your home a well maintained look and even make it appear more unified. Often older homes have inconsistencies in their appearance as different homeowners have addressed repairs instead of opting for a complete window replacement. Paint might be peeling from old frame windows and sometimes details such as lead panes or stained glass have been damaged over the years. By opting for new windows in Glasgow homes can suddenly look updated and well maintained. New windows will also help improve the insulation in your home saving you money on your energy bills.
2. New Door: A front door is like the smile for your home. If you have a tired old door or a door in dire need of a paint job it can make your home look like it is frowning. You can opt for a completely new door or simply sand and paint your door with a fresh new colour. You can have fun with your door colour and seek out bright and welcoming accent colours such as red, yellow or a pale blue or look for more elegant colours such as black or gray. You can look for inspiration from the brick, wood or other details of your home such as shutters or your garage door. A new door with a nice new knocker, mail box and house numbers will add punch and draw attention to your entryway.
3. New Roof: Your roof is the crowing glory for your home. You can add texture with a new roof as well as create a sense of unity. You can select a colour that will make your home look more distinguished or a style that is suited to the era your home was built. There are many different roofing styles available that are both affordable and attractive to bring the look of your home together.

These three simple changes can make a world of difference to the look of your home for a welcoming appearance with plenty of curb appeal. Browse website for more information.

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