Best Way To Send Money To India

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Business

There are a number of factors which a person may consider when sending money overseas. Some of these factors include the speed of delivery, convenience, pricing and exchange rates. Some of the popular means of transferring money would include wire transfers which are also known as telegraphic transfers where a person is sent money offline. A person would have to fill an application form for a wire transfer and visit the local branch in order to do so.

It is easy to open accounts with online provisions. Many of the remittance services offer safe, pass-word protected and secure means by which people can transfer funds from any country to India. Another growing popular method includes online money transfer services. Here you can transfer money from any bank account that is overseas to any bank account in India. Most of the remittance services offer services in a wide variety of countries such as Europe, UK, USA, East Asia, UAE.  People transferring money through this method are required to register online (on the website) before any transfer is initiated. These services are extremely convenient and customers can transfer funds from the comfort and convenience of one’s home.

When you are making a money transfer to India, you can send any amount to India. However, with each time you send, you will be charged a certain amount as service charges. These charges depend on the amount of funds you are sending and can also vary with the current market rates. In order to save more funds, you can send a high amount in the first transfer itself. This is an advantageous decision, especially if there is an additional requirement by the receiver for more money. In this way, not only will you end up saving more funds, the receiver will also have sufficient funds for any unforeseen expenditure.

There are different ways you can transfer you money in a fast process. While some of the transfer options provide a value for service, others will provide a higher value for quicker service. Depending on your requirements, choose the one that is most favorable and beneficial to you.

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