Have you heard the buzz about cosmetic dentistry? If so, you will know that people worldwide are now turning to this form of dentistry as a way of enhancing their smile and overall appearance. Most services offered by cosmetic dentists in Cheshire are aimed at improving the patient’s confidence. The majority of procedures, like tooth straightening and bridges, are completed under local anaesthetic. Whether you have missing teeth, discoloured teeth or cracked teeth, a qualified dentist will have no problem transforming them with the following procedures.


When a layer of material, like porcelain, is fitted over a rotten or chipped tooth to enhance its appearance, this is called a veneer. Over the years, veneers have become a favoured type of service offered by cosmetic dentists in Cheshire because they stand the test of time and look similar to natural teeth. While they are relatively costly, most dentists will offer patients a payment plan, which makes the service all the more affordable. Not only do veneers give the patient a brighter, whiter smile but also, they shield the tooth underneath and offer an added level of protection.

Teeth Whitening

Do you drink wine or smoke a lot? Perhaps you knock back the coffee in the morning or had poor oral hygiene as a kid? Whatever the reason for the unsightly appearance of your teeth, whitening is a service you ought to think about. Cosmetic dentists in Cheshire can perform this procedure in under two hours at their facility by applying an activating solution to the teeth. Some procedures are performed with lighting, because this accentuates the white. Don’t want to sit in the dentist’s chair? Ask him or her for a recommended home kit, which will come with basic instructions for performing teeth whitening without professional help.


Should you have experienced face trauma or lost teeth due to an infection or similar problem, book an appointment with a cosmetic dentist for dental implants. An increasingly popular technique among men and women, implants are very safe and if cared for properly, will last for a long time. The surgical component is fixed to the jawbone, therefore you must have good quality bone and enough of it for the procedure to be successful.

Before you can get the perfect smile, you will need to arrange an appointment with the cosmetic dentists in Cheshire.