Do you want to increase the level of privacy you have in your garden? If so, you may consider getting fencing in Bristol installed. The process of getting fences installed involves more than simply putting up a few posts. Fence panels, pickets, screenings – there are a wide range of styles to choose from, many of which are decorative and will enhance the space. Aside from finding fencing products that meet your local organization’s standards, it’s imperative that you take a few things into account prior to making an investment.

Considering Your Needs

First of all you ought to think about the reasons why you want a fence. Perhaps you require fencing in Bristol to prevent pets or children from wandering in unsafe areas? Maybe you want feather board fencing to add aesthetic appeal? Make sure you put your needs before your wants when making a decision. Glass is a good option to shield wind, and a tall fence will be worthwhile if privacy is your main concern. Some of the most popular materials for fencing include metal, wood, vinyl, composite, masonry and brick.

Maintenance Requirements

If you don’t intend on rolling up your sleeves and painting your fencing in Bristol on a regular basis, opt for low-maintenance products. Vinyl and composite fencing usually comes with a long warranty, whereas wood has a lifespan of 10-15 years, but requires regular maintenance. A long-lasting choice is metal, such as steel, wrought iron and aluminium. Metal will withstand harsh weather, but is usually quite expensive. If you live in a historic property and want to remain consistent with the traditional style, choose brick, which is strong, durable and requires no maintenance.

Choosing the Right Contractor

The installation of fencing in Bristol will affect how long it lasts, therefore it is essential that you use the Internet to research, and ask friends or family for honest opinions before choosing a contractor. Hard labour and specially crafted tools are necessary to get the job completed to a satisfactory standard. A professional will maintain relevant experience and qualifications, and should be licensed to do the job. Don’t forget that in most areas a permit is required to install fencing. A reliable company or contractor will be able to take care of this on your behalf.

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