The average annual temperature at low altitudes around the United Kingdom ranges from 8.5-11 degrees Celsius. Compared to other countries around the world, this is relatively cold, meaning household heating is a necessity. One of the main services offered by a plumber in Milton Keynes, heating installation is a process that requires patience and experience.

By hiring a professional in the plumbing industry, you can explore your options and enjoy comfort in the home without overspending on energy bills. Underfloor heating installation can be completed by a plumber in Milton Keynes. Growing in popularity, this form of heating has low running costs and is environmentally-friendly. If you are considering getting these water and electric systems fitted in your property, learn the basics ahead of hiring assistance.

What is Underfloor Heating?

Over the last few years, many homeowners around the United Kingdom have been hiring a plumber in Milton Keynes to fit underfloor heating, instead of conventional heating systems. Suitable for new properties and buildings that are undergoing renovation, underfloor heating can be fitted with raised access floors, modular wood and various other types of flooring. The system achieves perfect climate control through the use of electric heating elements or hydronic piping.

The Benefits of These Services

Underfloor heating, when fitted by a trained plumber in Milton Keynes, could prevent frost, cut energy bills and enhance home comfort. There are many types available, and each type offers the following benefits:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency – Heat is distributed across a large surface area, which means the home heats up quicker and less energy is used.
  • Maintain Temperature – Normally, underfloor heating is operated with a programmable room thermostat, allowing you to pre-select times and temperatures.
  • Less Dust – If you suffer with allergies, opt for underfloor heating to give the home a healthier atmosphere. Airborne dust becomes less of an issue because of even heating distribution.

Central Heating System

If you don’t want to completely change your existing heating system, ask the plumber in Milton Keynes to add it to an existing central heating system. When the rest of the central heating is switched on, underfloor heating will activate, allowing you to control everything through one device. This offers convenience during the winter months, and will help maintain indoor temperature in various zones.

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