Every driver who takes their car for servicing in Newton Abbott can confirm to you the benefits of car repairs and service. If you observe the specified servicing intervals, you will enjoy the following from your car;

* Increased safety when driving – The condition of your car determines how safe you are when driving your car. Since you cannot predict when your car will breakdown, you cannot be prepared to avoid the breakdown or the consequence of the breakdown. If your car’s brake pads need to be replaced, how can you tell? Regular car servicing in Newton Abbott can help identify and fully deal with the hidden problems. Remember your car needs to be tested for roadworthiness and the only way for your car to pass the test is if you have been servicing it.

 * Fuel economy and best performance – Did you know that servicing your vehicle and changing the driving style leads to 10 to 15% in fuel economy? If your vehicle is regularly serviced, then all the parts of the vehicle will work properly and it will lead to the overall performance of the vehicle. A good performing vehicle has low fuel consumption levels of fuel.

* Longer lifespan – You need to contact an experienced and qualified mechanic for your car servicing. Your vehicle’s manufacturer has laid down guidelines on the kind of servicing to take place so make sure the mechanic abides by the manufacturer’s guidelines. Warranty policies require you to carry out regular maintenance and servicing to your vehicle.

Get in touch with our trained and qualified mechanics at Monnington Motors Ltd for all your car repair and maintenance service needs. Since we have been in the industry for some time, we are very good at diagnosing hidden problems. Our solutions can ensure that your vehicle remains roadworthy.