Benefits of Using Liquid Screed in cold Floors

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

There are a few things more welcome in a home during the cold season than a warmth under your feet. With the ever changing technologies, there are many solutions that have been developed to help in this, but one of the most effective technologies is the use of liquid screed in Cardiff for flooring. Here are some benefits you will have from using this latest technology.

* Installation of liquid screed floors requires less manual labour and hence reduced costs. This also translates to reduced time in installing the screed.

* Screed depth can also be reduced, and hence you can ensure thermal efficiency by installing thicker floor insulation. Reduced screed depth will quicken the time it takes for the floor to dry, and also reduce its weight.

* Liquid screed is very effective in under floor heating due to its accuracy, and it does not require additional expensive materials.

* Liquid screed is more durable.

* There is much less to no instances of shrinking, cracking, and curling with this technology.

* Liquid screed also has the advantage of force-drying by turning on heat or dehumidifiers. This facilitates early installation of floor coverings.

* Liquid screed is also environmentally friendly as it consists of mostly recycled products.

* It also has superior surface finishing qualities than other alternatives such as cement floors, making it more aesthetically appealing.

* It also does not require reinforcement, which translates to less costs.

* It also can be pumped anywhere from the basement to the loft, and is thus easier to work with.

* This technology is more energy efficient, and hence less costly.

* Liquid screed can be precisely levelled by laser, which ensures a perfect finish.

* It is also self-levelling, easily achieving SR2 finish.

It is obviously greatly beneficial to use liquid screed in Cardiff for your flooring. Call us now if you require the service. Our experienced staff at South Wales Concrete Pumping will ensure you have the floor you always dreamed about.

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